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About Us

The goal is to become a major destination for the latest, greatest and most stupendous gifts for Dads.  This endeavor has been helping to support the mother and child in finding Dad a more suitable gift. Feedback has been grateful, but also demanding more.

As the demographic shift in family member roles continues to re-balance, the purchasing power and decision making will also continue to fall more onto the father.  For these reasons and more, this selection of the most unique gifts and items is tailored towards helping support the Dad.

Thanks for shopping with NewDaddyGifts.com! Remember to join our mailing list and check back for new items. Lastly, for those of you with intent on emailing us with your great ideas, please be aware that anything emailed to newdaddygifts@gmail.com becomes property of newdaddygifts. If you are uncertain of your intentions, please refrain.